Trivia: Just Dance Pin

Trivia: Just Dance Pin

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BTS Trivia: Just Dance 起 Enamel Pin

"I really wanna, just dance"

J-Hope's Solo in the Love Yourself Collection - Trivia: Just Dance

Add a subtle touch of BTS to your bag or outfit with this sparkly pin! 

Pin Details:

  • Gold Plating
  •  2 Inches
  • Double Postings 

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What is the grading system of your pins?

A-grades: Little to no imperfections. These pins truly encompass the original design and show almost no defects. Great for collectors.

B-Grades: Minor imperfections that are only visible upon close inspection. These may include scratches, underfilled or overfilled enamel, and other very minor defects. Also great for collectors if standards are not available.

C-Grades: More noticeable imperfections that are visible upon close inspection. These may include overfilled or underfilled enamel, scratches, black streaks, etc. Great for budgeted buyers.

 Seconds: Multiple visible imperfections upon close inspection. May include miscolored enamel, under filled or overfilled enamel, missing enamel, etc. Usually the worst of the batch and the sold for the cheapest price. 

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